House Relevelling

House leveling or re-leveling is a term used to describe the process of lifting a home as close to its original state as possible (as construction will allow). Leveling a home is usually accomplished by performing foundation repair. Heritage House Relevellers have many years of experience in house leveling and re-leveling in Christchurch and Wider Canterbury.

Heritage House Relevellers' foundation replacement service in Canterbury

House Lifting & Foundation Replacement

House raising is the process of separating a building from its foundation using a hydraulic jacking and support system. We can lift any building up to a height of 3m to allow for a wide range of foundation replacement. From a small townhouse in the city to a villa on the hills, we can do it all.

Canterbury house lifting and foundation replacement service in Christchurch

House Rolling

House Rolling is the act of moving a home across a property, usually to gain access to what’s below the building for ground remediations or foundation replacements. You can trust the skilled house relevelling team at Heritage House Relevellers to ensure that your home gets moved and returned back where it was safe.

House rolling service offered by Heritage House Relevellers in Canterbury

Concrete & Foundation Repairs

We offer a wide range of repair solutions for concrete slab foundations. Using our custom hydraulic/screw jacking system have had a 100% success rate on over 300 buildings with this foundation type. It is worth noting none of the exterior claddings needs to be removed using this method.

If your building has had any subsidence or cracking in the foundation, call Lindsay today for an obligation free quote.

Heritage House Relevellers' foundation replacement service in Christchurch


Repiling involves digging new piles down to a firm base and attempting to re-align the house on this new foundation. Get our experienced team of relevellers to undertake your next repiling job in Christchurch.

Our experienced team undertaking a pile replacement in Christchurch

Earthquake Repairs

The team at Heritage Relevellers are experienced in repairs following an earthquake, and can deliver a top quality service in Canterbury that ticks every box. They have encountered a number of unique problems reguarding earthquake repairs, and maintain a positive, can-do attitude throughout the earthquake repair and restoration process.

Relocated home in Christchurch by Heritage House Relevellers

On-Sold Repairs

Heritage House Relevellers is a team of experienced earthquake repair and restoration experts. They have encountered a range of unique problems related to earthquake repairs and maintain a can-do attitude throughout the restoration process. Their top-quality service ticks every box for homeowners with on-sold properties looking for reliable repairs. Homeowners with EQC insurance coverage should check their policy for restrictions on coverage for repairs, with a liability cap of $100,000.

House relocation and relevelling service in North Canterbury

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